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Adrienne Johnson, Sales Associate

Adrienne  Johnson

Office Phone:
(405) 329-0256

Direct Phone:
(405) 979-7407

Voice Mail:
(405) 979-7407

Mobile Phone:
(405) 338-8433

Don Cies Real Estate, Inc. - Brookhaven Office
1203 Brookhaven Blvd.
Norman, OK 73072-3636

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Adrienne Johnson is a new member of the Don Cies Real Estate Team, but don't consider her new to the business! Adrienne comes from a family of real estate professionals, from grandparents who owned their own real estate company, to her parents who have owned their own real estate company in Claremore, Oklahoma for more than 30 years. Before earning her Bachelor of Science Degree from Oklahoma State University, Adrienne worked as a realtor for her family's company and specialized in working with buyers and sellers of residential properties. Adrienne has been married to a United States Marine for nearly 10 years and has two beautiful daughters. Their adventures have taken them from San Antonio to Seattle, and most recently, Richmond, Virginia. They have been fortunate enough to return to their beloved Oklahoma and Adrienne couldn't be more excited!

As a military spouse, Adrienne has had the opportunity to become familiar with all aspects of the military lifestyle, including the stresses and complications associated with moving from state to state, purchasing homes along the way, and what to do when you must leave them.  Although this gives her great advantage as a Realtor when assisting military families, much of the challenges of buying and selling are the same for everyone. Adrienne prides herself on her willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that her customers always feel that they are doing what is best for their families and that they are making well informed decisions. Give Adrienne a call for all of your residential home selling and purchasing needs!